Weekly Issue: 2023-09

  • 5 apps you should use on your Chromebook

  • Google Chrome Prepares to disable Click to Call all of a Sudden

  • Acer Chromebook Enterprise Vero 514 review: Not your typical ChromeOS device

  • How to check battery health on Chromebook

  • How to use a Chromebook without a Google Account

  • ‘Journeys’ To Get an Option Hide History

  • How to use gestures on a Chromebook

  • How to Change Default Search Engine

  • Chrome to Get a Delete Button for Autocomplete

  • Google Chrome gets built-in Notes feature, here’s how to enable

  • How to inspect an element on a Chromebook

  • Google’s Chrome browser now squeezes more battery life out of MacBooks

  • How to send Chromebook downloads to Google Drive

  • How to connect a Chromebook to a TV

  • ChromeOS readies sunrise and sunset wallpapers, new video screensavers

  • Google says Fast Pair for ChromeOS is coming ‘soon,’ over a year after it was first announced

  • Google Chrome’s new zoom on mobile blows things up by up to 300 percent

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