Wasserstein created a premium Pixel Tablet stand to give Google’s upcoming device more flexibility

Wasserstein created a premium Pixel Tablet stand to give Google’s upcoming device more flexibility

If you read Chrome Unboxed often, you’ll no doubt have heard of Wasserstein accessories. I write about them all the time and think they’re some of the best third-party accessories for the Google and Nest ecosystem. Not long ago, the company released a 2-in-1 charging stand for the Pixel Phone and Buds to sit alongside its 3-in-1 Made for Fitbit iteration.

It’s also got several other products on the market for the 2nd generation Nest Doorbell and even some for Nest Cameras and Doorbells. Now, even before Google’s exciting, new Pixel Tablet officially lands in your hands, Wasserstein has already thought up a stand for it.

What’s interesting is that the “Made for Google Pixel Tablet Speaker Stand” was designed to give your home’s soon-to-be Nest Hub and Android tablet replacement a bit more flexibility. Most of the products that Wasserstein makes add some level of tilt to your existing hardware for accessibility and convenience, and the Speaker Stand is no different – it gives you 40 degrees of extra visibility via a vertical tilt.

Release Date: Ships July 2023
Pre-Sale Price: $24.99 USD
Official Price: $39.99 USD

“We’re thrilled to be releasing this Made for Google Pixel Tablet Speaker Stand. As with all Wasserstein products of its kind, it was specifically designed to enhance the user experience when enjoying Google’s fantastic device”.

Wasserstein CEO, Christopher Maiwald

It also features a “sturdy and durable” design and is relatively small so you can toss it in your bag for the hotel or vacation home (whatever that is). An interesting use case is that you could be laying in bed watching a movie on your Pixel Tablet and have it docked regularly, but seated in this Pixel Tablet Stand and tilted down to help you see it while resting your head on the pillow. Kind of cool, but I’m not sure how much I would do this compared to just holding it above my face until I fall asleep so it drops and hits me in the nose (you know you’ve done this with your phone).

If you have one of these stands for your Nest Hub, you’re already pretty much familiar with what’s on offer here, since the company did come out with one for Google’s older generation of hardware as well. It’s nice to see them launch this for presale immediately without waiting for the Pixel Tablet to get in hands across the world. It will cost you $24.99 USD right now, and after it officially ships this July 2023, it will cost $39.99 USD as its regular price. That means you’re saving $15 USD by preordering it over on Wasserstein’s website!

Anyway, this may not be for everyone, as anyone looking to simply raise their device up a bit higher can simply place it on a taller countertop, and if you get the white Pixel Tablet, it will clash with the hardware instead of blending in, but for those who do pick it up, it’s most certainly going to add a little pizazz to Google’s new venture. Let me know in the comments if you’re going to pick one up, and what you think of the standard pricing beyond the presale. As for me, I think forty bucks is a bit steep.

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