Give your Android games the Nintendo Switch treatment with this sweet Console Launcher app

Give your Android games the Nintendo Switch treatment with this sweet Console Launcher app

Those who are into game emulation will hopefully be familiar with the excellent Daijisho frontend app, which beautifully displays their classic titles. But what about those of us who want to display our Android games in a more appealing manner than the Google Play Games app or the default Android launcher does?

Recently, I stumbled upon Console Launcher by K2 Media, while looking for alternatives to the Dig frontend and other similar applications. I actually discovered it thanks to one of my favorite YouTube creators, Russ from Retro Game Corps (seriously, go binge his videos!).

As I loaded it up, I was amazed by its polished interface, which gave me Nintendo Switch vibes instantly. The horizontally laid-out app carousel has haptic feedback, UI sounds for navigation and selection, and even background music, all of which cement the handheld console feeling. Moreover, the app’s customizable dock and wifi/battery controls on the home screen, as well as the time clock, help bring the entire experience together.

One of the most notable features of Console Launcher is its ability to display games as either rounded squares or banners more reminiscent of Nintendo Switch games, although the latter option made the images a bit blurry. However, paying to upgrade to the premium version of the app provides a bunch of customization options that are worth the investment, especially if you’d like to support the dev.

While Console Launcher is primarily aimed at Android gamers, K2 is building in support for retro games soon, as the option already displays in the Settings section. Although Daijisho remains my favorite, I highly recommend Console Launcher for those who want to give their Android titles the love they deserve.

The best thing about Console Launcher is that it’s not limited to the Logitech G Cloud device. You can install it on just about any phone or Chromebook and navigate it with a telescopic controller like the Backbone One or GameSir X3 or even just a standard Bluetooth gamepad. It even works on other Android-based handhelds like the Retroid Pocket 3.

Console Launcher instantly made me more interested in my installed Android games instead of them being stuffed into the Play Games app where I forgot they existed. If you’re interested in giving your Android games the Nintendo Switch treatment, definitely give Console Launcher a try. Let me know in the comments if you’re using any other frontend for your gaming experience! And for those with a Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 and a Bluetooth-paired Stadia controller, trust me, this looks and feels great there too.

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