Coronavirus Takes the World by Storm; Not Us! Enter Coronabro!

Coronavirus Takes the World by Storm; Not Us! Enter Coronabro!

We’re equally feeling the effects but satire always gets its way!

It is without a doubt that we’re facing difficult times as the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe but what can we do about it? Certainly, the medical experts are hard at work determining the best way forward in tackling the virus, however, the timeframe is nothing to write home about. Official estimates put the arrival of an antiviral medication at around 12 to 18 months from now. That’s not the least encouraging for those feeling the full effect of the virus and associated infections. 

I’m no medical expert but I figured if there’s any way I could give back, it’d be in doing something within my area of expertise which is why I took it upon myself to develop a centralized platform that consolidates all the available data on the COVID-19 virus in one place for much easier and convenient tracking.

It took me a while to get it to the point it is right now but I’m excited all the same to have done something in assisting the relevant authorities in informing as many people as possible on the global status of COVID-19. It’s certainly a beta release at this time with most info limited to the United States but I’m actively developing it and it should be ready with updated info on just about any country and state in time. 

It is my intention to release companion mobile apps as well in the nearer future. I might even consider turning it into a full-fledged viral database just so when the next outbreak happens, we’ll be ready. Call me crazy but outbreaks are certainly inevitable as human history would have it and preparedness can never be overemphasized. 

Visit to find updated info on the COVID-19 virus and, of course, do well to stay safe. In the meantime, enjoy some Corona memes from yours truly!

PS: On ItsChromeOS, we’re still going through a lot of restructuring and remain committed to our vision for the platform. Thanks for sticking around!