Weekly Issue: 2023-15

  • How to change the text size on a Chromebook

  • Best keyboards for Chromebooks in 2023

  • Best USI pens for laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets in 2023

  • How to Fast Pair headphones on a Chromebook

  • Best Dell Chromebooks in 2023

  • Best Chromebooks for writers in 2023

  • Android, ChromeOS, and Google's cloudy vision for a connected future

  • Keyboard shortcuts on ChromeOS in 2023: Everything you need to know

  • Fleet announces open-source, cross-platform MDM solution

  • Best mice for Chromebooks in 2023

  • Best Android apps for Chromebooks in 2023

  • Best ChromeOS tablets in 2023

  • How to Delete Keywords in Google Chrome

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