I’m shocked there was no mention of the rumored Pixel Watch 2 at Google I/O

I’m shocked there was no mention of the rumored Pixel Watch 2 at Google I/O

It wasn’t more than a week or so ago that we discussed the Pixel Watch on the podcast in the lead-up to Google I/O 2023. Specifically, the discussion circled around the fact that up to that point, we’d not heard a peep from anyone about a follow-up to the successful Pixel Watch. For most big manufacturers, an update to their main smartwatch lineup is in order each year along with their flagship phones. Apple and Samsung routinely release a new watch each 12-month cycle, and we were sort of expecting Google to follow suit.

But with all the rumors of the Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and Pixel 7a in the lead up to Google I/O this year, it was tough to believe Google had completely kept the wraps on a new Pixel Watch. But, as it turned out, just days before I/O, 9to5 Google came forward with some insider info that there was in fact a new Pixel Watch in the making. And then we heard from prolific leaker Evan Blass over on Twitter who shared this simple tweet:

We know shockingly little about Pixel Watch 2

But for now, that is all that was shared. 9to5 Google’s source just confirmed it was in the works to launch this fall alongside the Pixel 8 and Evan’s tweet basically only confirms the device’s existence and possibly the naming we’ll see later this year. For a piece of Google-made hardware, the lack of leaked info is actually quite remarkable.

In a world where Google’s hardware can’t help but get unveiled weeks before an actual launch, I’m a bit shocked that there is no further info available on a device we all fully expect to see this fall. And with Google’s recent track record of leaking their own wares, I’m even more surprised that they didn’t take advantage of the situation this week to at least throw up a tease of the Pixel Watch 2.

Last year, Google at least gave us a quick look at the Pixel Tablet and a glance at the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7/7 Pro, too. The details were light, but the images allowed them to steer the conversation a bit on hardware we all knew was coming out anyway. I thought it was a brilliant move, and I’m really surprised they didn’t pull the same stunt this year with more hardware we all expect from them this fall.

But I suppose it’s just a matter of time before someone like Jon Prosser over at Front Page Tech gets all the details from his person on the inside and shares all the details with the rest of us. And while I look forward to that and am very hopeful that Google makes a larger version of the Pixel Watch this time around, I’m a bit bummed that Google didn’t at least give us a glimpse of it on Tuesday. It would have been a show stopper for sure, and something I know most Google fans would have been pretty excited about. Ah well, let the leaks begin.

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