Google finally confirms the Pixel Fold is coming on May 10th at Google I/O 2023

Google finally confirms the Pixel Fold is coming on May 10th at Google I/O 2023

As I said yesterday about the press renders that leaked for the Pixel 7a, the leak culture we find ourselves embroiled in these days makes big reveals feel a lot smaller than they once did. Such is the case with the latest tease from the Made By Google Twitter account that finally – FINALLY – sees Google actually acknowledging the existence of the highly-anticipated Google Pixel Fold.

As a nod to the fact that today is Star Wars Day (May the 4th…be with you), Google slyly rolled out this 8-second tease of the coming Pixel Fold and it looks…exactly like we knew it would. The renders have all been right, and it feels a lot like all the other information around this device is equally spot-on as well, so that leaves very little to the imagination at this point.

I’m glad it is now an official thing

That being said, I am very happy to see the Pixel Fold getting some official Google treatment at this point so we can stop referring to it as if it isn’t a sure thing at this point. Conversations for the next week can focus instead on how well this device will sell, what it needs to succeed, and other interesting topics. No longer is the Pixel Fold a heavily leaked “rumor”: it is officially official.

And regarding the brief advertising, there’s nothing new I’m seeing in the video, but this thing continues to excite me in a way few phones ever have. While there’s not a ton of folding competition here in the US, that might change after the Pixel Fold actually hits the scene.

But I don’t want hype videos or hyperbolic talk any longer: I’m ready to hold this thing in my hands. The outer screen, the fold-flat design, the cameras, the look, and the Google software all make me completely ready to figure out how I’m going to put this phone/tablet in my pocket full time. It’s been a very, very long time since I waited out a phone for this long, and I’m ready in every way, shape and form to get my mitts on one as soon as humanly possible.

I’m sure Google I/O will see the Pixel Fold rolled out with much fanfare, and I’m happy for that. But I feel like I’ve talked about this particular device for so long that I don’t need any other introductions or explanations. I just want this device. And while I’m unsure how many other general consumers out there feel the same way, I have to imagine there are quite a few. Smartphones are a little boring. The Pixel Fold is anything but that. And June can’t come fast enough.

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